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November 5, 2017




An interview with my bride Emma...


1.   Hi Emma, what was the date of your wedding? 


 It was 1st July 2013 


2.  How exciting getting married abroad, what made you choose The Algarve, Portugal?


It was very excited as I knew that whatever happened it would be fine as no one knew what to expect. We loved the thought of the sun shining and a chilled out atmosphere and everyone being together.

We decided to go abroad after it was suggested to us by you!

. Alot of other couples were doing exactly what we had originally planned and we just wanted something different. Portugal was the first place Rich and I went on holiday too and we held some really happy, positive memories there and completely fell in love with it and kept going back every year, and I guess wanted everyone else to see what a great place it was too as we knew it like the back of our hands. 


3.  What was the highlight of your day? 


I'm not sure? Lol, the bit where we actually got married over looking the sea with the band was very chilled, or the evening bit with the band singing and having fun dancing up on the bar! 


4.  Did you manage to have a honeymoon too? 


 We’ve still not had a honeymoon, we will do in a few years! 


5.  Where you pleased with your hairstyle on the day?


Yep very happy with my hair on the day, loved how you styled it. 


6.  If there is anything you could change about your day what would it be? 


I wouldn't change anything as such but If I could do it again, I would have got a professional to film it to see bits I may have missed. I would also have had the U.K venue in a more sheltered place, but this couldn't be helped as our original venue let us down so was a last minute one.


7.   How has life changed since your wedding? 


It's been very, very busy lol! We haven't stopped. I don't think we've had a weekend off with house moves and babies! Wouldn't change it at all though. 







 The Plummer Family



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