The Business Hub

Did you know it takes just 3 seconds for someone to decide to stay on your page or website! Image is everything in our profession


 I spend more time behind the scenes running my business than actually styling hair!

It's hard work! You have to have a passion for what you do, and, what you want to achieve

So, I've set up

The Wedding Hair Pro Business Hub

a Facebook Group where I share my business knowledge with you

When you have attended one of my masterclasses you will be added to the group

Once a month I go LIVE with topics, discussing our wedding hair businesses, with regular posts throughout the month

+Understand social media, this is an ever-changing ball game, keeping up is a constant necessity to stay ahead of the game


+Top tips on creating the perfect photographs of your hairstyles


+Creating a business image to WOW!


+How to network with other professionals


+Creating your own website

+How to make more money doing what you love

"If you know me then you'll know I am as passionate about my business model, as I am my hairstyling"

Be the best version

      of you